Where to Find the Best Myers Cocktail in Los Angeles?

Life is inconsistent – sometimes delightful, sometimes stressful.

Your personal, professional, and surrounding situation often cause ebbs and flow of workload, stress, pressure, tension, etc., which leads to a physical and mental meltdown. You encounter extreme fatigue, sleepless nights, muscle weakness, brain fog, difficulty concentration, etc. – all uninvited spoilsports.

However, you can eliminate all these issues by inviting IV nutritional therapy, the Myers’ Cocktail.

Myers Cocktail is a formula a physician named John Mers developed in the ‘70s. Quickly, it becomes a famous IV nutritional cocktail for its recipe containing vitamin b1, b2, b3, b5, b6, b12, magnesium, vitamin c, and many more. Along with covering the nutritional deficiencies, this IV cocktail helps manage several health issues – weight loss, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, etc.

This article will explore all you need to know about the Myers Cocktail – recipe, administration, benefits, side effects, and where to find the best Myers Cocktail, Los Angeles.

What Is Myers Cocktail?

Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are vital for your body. However, often your body faces nutritional deficiencies, making your body weak and less functional.  IV nutritional therapy can help restore your body’s dietary needs.

A Myers Cocktail is an intravenous therapy providing a high concentration of vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream. The late John Myers, MD, introduced this vitamins and minerals cocktail formula in Baltimore in the 1970s to treat several health issues – fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, etc.

IV intravenous administration delivers vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. As a result, your body’s nutrition absorption becomes rapid and absolute that remains unfulfilled through food and oral supplements.

Nowadays, doctors use tailored Myers’ Cocktail as per your body’s requirements, adding or decreasing the doses of vitamins and minerals. Some doctors also administer individualized dosages for older, children, and weak people.

Myers Cocktail Recipe

Myers Cocktail involves a mixture of fluids, vitamins, and minerals. The dosage and frequency usually depend on your need and health condition.

The Cocktail usually contains the following components-

  • Vitamin C – its antioxidant properties boost energy, immune system function, and healthy skin
  • Vitamin B-Complex – converts food into energy that improves your stress levels, mental health, and cognition.
  • Vitamin B12 – helps with the digestive system, breaks down fats, produces energy, keeps the eyes, nervous system, skin healthy, etc.
  • Calcium – strengthens bones, controls osteoporosis, protects cardiac muscles, regulates blood pressure, and controls depression.
  • Magnesium – helps in calcium absorption, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, maintains heart health, eases migraines, lessens PMS symptoms, lowers anxiety, and donates to overall bone health.
  • Zinc – Regulates the immune system.
  • Glutathione – its antioxidant properties help support the immune system, prevent particular cancer, cystic fibrosis, and the normal aging process.
  • IV Fluid or Saline Solution – helps you stay hydrated, fit, and energized.

However, where to get Myers Cocktail, Los Angeles?

IV Vitamin Therapy, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, provides the best blend of vitamins and minerals in the Myers Cocktail. Depending on your health condition, needs, and preferences, the doctor makes individualized solutions – increasing, decreasing, including, excluding the recipe’s components.

As a result, the treatment meets your specific goals quickly and effectively.

Who Needs Myers Cocktail?

Myers cocktail is typically safe, as suggested by the study. Can you take Myers Cocktail? How effective would it be? Many ask this question; the answer depends on your underlying health condition and objective.

People with several health issues can benefit from taking the concierge infusion – Myers Cocktail. The issues include-

  • Suffering from chronic fatigue
  • Suffering from low energy
  • Suffering from asthma
  • Suffering from depression
  • Suffering from anxiety
  • If you need intravenous hydration
  • Recovering from hangover or withdrawal symptoms
  • If you perform the athletic exercise
  • Suffering from migraine or chronic sinusitis
  • If you have cardiovascular disease, fibromyalgia, upper respiratory infections, etc.
  • If you have seasonal allergies

Best Myers Cocktail Los Angeles – Where To find it?

If you are a suitable candidate for Myers Cocktail, you can sign up for IV therapy without any worry. However, where can you find the best IV therapy in Los Angeles? The easy answer is IV Therapy, Beverly Hills.

Dr. David Nazarian is a highly qualified physician who will oversee and monitor every detail of the overall treatment with IV-certified nursing staff. The clinic maintains all the safety measures strictly, including-

  • Compounding pharmacy rules
  • Sterile safekeeping of the nutrients
  • Accurate solutions combining
  • Safe administration

The best part of this IV clinic is receiving quality care and correct IV administration in a lavish and comfortable environment – reading books, gossiping with friends, listening to music, or scrolling on your favorite phone.

In addition, during the procedure, a physician will stay with you. It helps the doctor continuously monitor and readjust your IV cocktail, making it raise or lessened depending on your condition.

So, if you are looking for a clinic administering safe, secure, and sound IV intravenous therapy, contact IV Vitamin Therapy in Los Angeles.

How Effective Is Myers Cocktail?

Myers Cocktail works effectively in restoring your body’s nutritional balance. It also helps manage several diseases. However, are they better than food and oral supplements?

Yes, IV vitamin intravenous is more effective than oral supplements or food. When you take nutrients packed food or supplements orally, they go to your digestive system first; hence, they lose some effectiveness due to metabolic function.

Nevertheless, IV therapy delivers high concentration vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. As a result, your body obtains nutrients with 100% effectiveness that start work immediately with full force.

Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation, irritation, and infection with its remarkable antioxidant properties. On the other hand, Magnesium helps keep your immune system, muscle, and nerve function strong and optimum. Moreover, vitamin B-complex and B-12 boost your metabolism, reducing the sign and symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, and weakness.

However, many studies indicate that the Myers cocktail can benefit overall health, immune function, and energy level; further research is needed. There is only limited research available, but the full effectiveness of Myers Cocktail is yet to be answered. 

How To Administer Myers Cocktail?

The administration of Myers Cocktail is easy, painless, and cost-effective. First, make an appointment with your doctor, which is most beneficial for you.

It usually takes about 45 minutes for the entire IV process. The administration on Myers Cocktail usually includes-

  • At first, a trained doctor will insert a catheter into your vein.
  • Then, he will start the IV drip of Myers Cocktail.
  • For about 20 to 30  minutes, your body receives the healing serum that reaches the cells directly, rejuvenating your cells.
  • If you notice the benefit you seek, you can schedule your follow-up session.

How Often Do You Need IV Infusion?

How Often Do You Need IV Infusion - IV Vitamin Therapy

Usually, doctors prescribe Myers Cocktail IV treatment weekly or every two weeks, depending on your condition and goal. Often many have noticeable progress with the monthly or quarterly procedures. Therefore, the frequency of Myers Cocktail injection counts on you.

However, to see the noticeable effects, you have to wait till your fourth session. After the south session, doctors may readjust your schedule and dosage.

If you are taking IV nutrition therapy to treat any chronic condition, in that case, your doctor will suggest you continue with the current procedure for longer.

However, if your condition is acute, occurring from time to time – muscle pain after heavy work, fatigue after a stressful weak, or having a bad hangover that needs extra support, doctors may suggest you take the medication every one to four weeks.

Myers Cocktail Los Angeles – Price

The average Myers Cocktail usually costs around $175 to $200. However, the cost may vary depending on your condition, individualized cocktail recipe, frequency, and goal.

Myers Cocktail – Benefits

The benefits of Myers Cocktail are immense. These include-

  • Sounder nerve health that fights fibromyalgia
  • A stronger immune system
  • Helps manage asthma, chronic sinusitis, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, acute muscle spasms, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Keeps optimum levels of vitamin and minerals
  • Improved memory and cognitive
  • Improved energy levels
  • Maintaining bone health – stronger and perfectly performing
  • Prevents and manages migraine and sinusitis
  • Healthy blood
  • Improved mood
  • Refreshed hydrated body
  • Reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduced effects of seasonal allergies
  • Eradicate toxins from the body
  • Healthy skin
  • Helps treat bad hangovers and headaches

Myers Cocktail – Negative Side Effects

It’s unlikely to encounter any severe side effects from Myers Cocktail IV therapy. Moreover, a trained doctor always remains with you during the procedure, monitoring and overseeing the entire treatment. Therefore, if you face any unwanted symptoms or side effects, the doctor is there to support you.

However rare, the side effects that you may face include-

  • Slight soreness and bruising in the injection area
  • Feelings of heat
  • Decreasing blood pressure levels
  • Light-headedness and fainting
  • Muscle cramps
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • However rare, fluid overflow can cause kidneys, brain, or heart damage.

Who May Not Take Myers Cocktail

Myers cocktail is safe, involving an easy administration, numerous benefits, and fewer side effects. However, people with several conditions should avoid a Myers cocktail or any IV vitamin infusion; or consult the doctor’s advice first. They are-

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • People with kidney disease, high blood pressure, or a heart disease
  • People not having a vitamin or mineral deficiency
  • People taking several medications – antihypertensives, ceftriaxone, red blood cell stimulating medicines, etc.

Take Away

Myers Cocktail is a nutrition-packed IV treatment that is safe, easy, and cost-effective. Be it your chronic fatigue, asthma, muscle spasm, migraine, or seasonal allergy, this vitamin therapy restores the balance in your body, making you refreshed, hydrated, and energized.

However, where to find the best Myers Cocktail in Los Angeles? IV Vitamin Therapy, Beverly Hills, is an exclusive IV clinic in Los Angeles, providing individualized formulas focusing on you. The expert doctors and trained IV-certified nurses administer and monitor the entire procedure ensuring the safe and correct dosage of nutrition.

The state-of-the-art IV facility assures that you have the best experience possible with quick and highest results.