7 Reasons NAD IV Treatment Helps Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction is a pervasive chronic disease, as it can cause irreparable harm to a person’s potential and relationships. Unfortunately, it is also difficult to combat: many patients require a combination of therapeutic techniques to make it through the initial cravings and withdrawal symptoms. At this stage, NAD for addiction can be a powerful weapon to improve your chances of success.

Although largely unknown just a decade ago, NAD infusion therapy has progressively established itself as a promising alternative treatment for various conditions. NAD treatment’s uses span from neurodegenerative diseases to chronic depression. As we understand more about how the brain and the addiction pathway work, we can now see the profound effects of NAD on the addiction recovery journey.

NAD+ Therapy for Addiction

What is NAD Therapy?

Also known as “NAD IV therapy,” NAD infusions provide a way to deliver NAD (or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) directly into the bloodstream.

How does NAD work?

NAD is a naturally occurring coenzyme that plays a significant role in converting food into a type of energy that can be absorbed by our brain cells. The body also uses NAD for the DNA repair process. Under normal circumstances, the human body produces NAD by joining together other amino acids and vitamins – specifically tryptophan and niacin (vitamin B3).

Other benefits of NAD include:

The body’s process to produce NAD is slow and relatively wasteful. Stress, lack of sleep, problems with food absorption, and even aging can all interfere with the delicate chain of events involved in NAD production. In addition, drug use, periods of illness, or infection can deplete our body’s reserves of NAD.

What happens when there’s not enough NAD?

Low levels of NAD slow down the body’s usual recovery process. This can contribute to a more extended withdrawal period, with more intense symptoms and low energy levels. At this point, many patients give in to the cravings and/or postpone their recovery journey. Using NAD in addiction treatment provides a natural alternative to elevate moods during this critical stage.

A chronic lack of NAD can also progressively damage the brain’s wellbeing. This is why it’s been linked to many neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

7 Reasons why NAD IV Therapy for Addiction Will Help Your Chances of Success

1. NAD IV Drips are safe and crash-free

Intravenous (IV) NAD infusions use a lab-made, bioidentical version of the enzyme. As a result, NAD IV therapy for addiction is safe, even for people with allergies, problems with food absorption, or pre-existing conditions.

It is also important for people who are recovering from addiction to choose therapies that don’t create additional dependencies. Here, the benefits of a NAD infusion go one step further: the therapy’s effects tend to be slow-acting and build up over several days. As a result, it will not produce the side effects attached to caffeine, cigarettes, sugar, or other stimulants, such as crashes or jitters.

2. It helps you protect your privacy

As a society, we are now much more open about mental health issues than a decade ago. Yet, significant stigma remains attached to addiction and substance abuse. This often poses a problem for highly-functioning addicts – those who are secretly battling an addiction problem while juggling different responsibilities or prestigious careers.

NAD infusions simply need a small IV line, so they can be easily administered away from prying eyes. Patients can receive their IV drip in the comfort and privacy of our relaxing, spa-like office or let a registered nurse come to them and avoid public exposure. While the drips are being administered, the patient can relax, rest, or continue working.

3. It makes withdrawal syndrome more bearable

For many types of drug addiction, withdrawal syndrome is the most challenging and delicate stage of addiction recovery. At this stage, the body is still craving a new drug dose to feel energized or to stave off pain. The brain may also struggle to create neurotransmitters on its own. 

Eventually, the brain receptors that would usually respond to the drug will relearn how to operate with natural stimuli – but while this process is still ongoing, many patients must deal with:

  • extreme fatigue
  • headaches
  • rapid mood swings
  • inability to focus
  • anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure)

NAD drips can provide a mild boost to these brain receptors, counteracting all these symptoms. As a result, the withdrawal process will be more comfortable and easier to bear.

4. It can work even when the stomach doesn’t

During the withdrawal stage, many patients also deal with radical changes in their appetite and digestion. Nausea, vomiting, and constipation are all common, especially when recovering from opiate dependence.

This is why even a “safe” analgesic such as aspirin can prove useless while the body is still detoxing, and regular supplements don’t get absorbed. On the other hand, using an NAD drip for addiction treatment will deliver the medication directly into the bloodstream. It bypasses the stomach altogether and can travel directly to the brain.

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5. It helps with the body’s detox process

The liver is responsible for breaking down any substance consumed before expelling it. Doing this creates additional toxins that circulate in the bloodstream, where they can progressively oxidize and damage cells.

One of the newly discovered benefits of NAD is that these enzymes can attach themselves to liver toxins. They bind to them, preventing any additional damage until the kidneys flush them out.

6. It will improve mental clarity

Even mild forms of addiction (such as tobacco or alcohol addiction) can easily hijack the brain’s energy and concentration pathways. As a result, many patients are left with a pervasive “brain fog” following detoxification.

Even if a patient is otherwise well-enough to detoxify at home, they may experience problems focusing at work, staying on top of their other obligations, or remembering things. The loss of brain function can create additional frustration – which is the last thing a person needs while trying to beat an addiction!

By using NAD IV treatment for addiction and withdrawal symptoms, doctors can deliver energy directly to the brain, improving clarity and memory. Patients who need to continue working or delivering results during their rehabilitation will find this a powerful aid.

7. It blends well with other types of addiction treatment

Addiction treatment programs usually require a multi-pronged approach in order to deal with its physical and mental aspects simultaneously. Often, patients face a lot of pressure to choose a specific option or treatment center.

NAD therapy is relatively non-invasive. It is often delivered in hour-long sessions, which can be scheduled around other forms of outpatient therapy. It will not interfere with counseling, group sessions, or residential treatment.

Interested in NAD treatment for addiction?

Interested in NAD treatment for addiction?

Due to its flexibility and effectiveness, NAD IV therapy can help provide a much-needed push during the critical early stage of addiction recovery. Our doctors can help you establish the best schedule to receive NAD infusions.

Why choose IV Vitamin Therapy for NAD IV therapy for addiction near me?

At IV Vitamin Therapy, we specialize in IV vitamin therapy for many conditions, including NAD IV therapy for addiction, but also for fatigue and concentration problems.

NAD Addiction treatment involves introducing high doses of essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This is a more efficient delivery method than food or oral supplements, because digestion reduces their potency and effectiveness.    

IV Vitamin Therapy is a professional medical provider offering an upscale boutique medical experience. Our health care staff is friendly and very experienced, and our offices are modern and calm. After an initial consultation, you can receive IV vitamin therapy for fatigue right in our offices or, if you elect to use our concierge house call service, in the comfort of your own home or office.

Patients are awake for the entire session and are free to work on a laptop, make phone calls, read, or just relax while the vitamins are infused. In most cases, the only discomfort is the slight pinprick of the needle at the injection site. Since the nutrients are injected directly into the bloodstream, they can react in the body much quicker than if consumed orally. Patients who undergo IV vitamin therapy often leave our offices feeling completely refreshed.

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